AIR9000 Phase 2 Multi-Role Helicopter Project - Transition Management

Since early 2016, KCM Consulting has provided Project Transition Management expertise to the MRHPO. At a critical phase in the lifecycle of the project, KCM Consulting is helping transition this important capability into sustainment.


AIR9000 Phase 2 Multi-Role Helicopter Project - ILS Management

Since 2015, KCM Consutling has provided ILS Management expertise to the MRHPO. Through a collaboratve arrangement with a leading service provider, KCM Consutling is helping to deliver an important battlefield aviation capability for Army and Navy.


AIR9000 Phase 8 (Weapons) Supply Support

KCM Consulting is providing specialist Supply Support and Inventory Management services to the MH-60R (Weapons) Project. Through the use of a highly trained Supply Support consultant, KCM is currently delivering all Acquisition phase supply activities required to sustain the MK54 Lightweight Torpedo system including codification and cataloguing, fleet support and inventory management on MILIS and COMSARM.


AIR9000 Phase 8 (Weapons) Transition Management

KCM Consulting has provided Project Transition Management support to the MH-60R (Weapons) Project since 2012 and in 2015, successfully transitioned the AGM-114 Hellfire "N" variant from project acquisition phase to sustainment. Mr Murrells is currently Project Transition Manager responsible for transitioning the MK54 Lightweight Torpedo system to Sustainment.


AIR9000 Phase 8 (Weapons) Logistics Management

KCM Consulting has provided Integrated Logistics Support Management and Project Support services to CASG during acquisition of the Guided Weapons suite for the Royal Australian Navy’s new MH-60R Seahawk ‘Romeo’ helicopter. Since 2010, Mr Murrells has been responsible for assessment, design, development and implementation of all logistics aspects of the project. 


SEA1429 Replacement Heavy Weight Torpedo

As a Consultant with the project ILS team, Mr Murrells managed all Supply Support activities during acquisition of Mk 48 Mod 7 CBASS Heavy Weight Torpedo being introduced into service on the Collins Class submarine. Key tasks included inventory and asset management using SDSS, MILIS and COMSARM, Technical Assessment of supplies and coordination of international and domestic transportation of explosive ordnance.


AIR9000 Phase 2 Multi-Role Helicopter

As a member of a sub-contract training services provider organisation, Mr Murrells provided Training Development and Technical Instruction services for MRH90 airframe and engine system trainee personnel.


AIR87 Phase 2 Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter

As a member of the prime contractor organisation, Mr Murrells provided airframe and engine maintenance support during early introduction-into-service activities for the Army’s ARH ‘Tiger’ helicopter.  


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